Saturday, February 04, 2006

I Wish

Sometimes I am guilty of letting my heart go before my head. My biggest wish is that everyone will know the peace and joy I feel following Christ.

Sometimes I wish that I could just grab people and shake them, force them by my will alone to accept Christ and His Word.

I wonder if this is what Christ feels like. I wonder if He is sitting up there at the right hand of the Father wishing he could just shake us and say "don't you know I died for you? Don't you know that only I can offer what you are looking for? Only I can give you true peace and joy? Don't you know that Satan only wants to hurt you because he hates Me? Don't you know that I loved you enough to suffer and die for you? Why are you keeping the blinders on? Let Me love you!!"

When you have gone down certain paths, you know where that path will lead you. It hurts to see someone else doing those things that has caused you so much pain.

But alas, I need to remember that it is not my job to convince or convict. That is the job of the HS. I have spoken the Word, I have shown what the Word has to say, I have done all I am required to do and all I can do.

We were all given free will to make our own choices. The choice is ours to make no matter how much we may wish that we could shake and force against their will.

Jesus loves all of us. Even when we were sinners. I shall pray for those who need prayer. That is all there is left for me to do.
posted by Star @ 2:09 PM