Thursday, March 09, 2006

Seeker Churches

I wasn't sure what seeker churches were. So after a quick search I came up with this:

Rick Warren defines Seeker Churches

The first thing I noticed was Rick Warren, the author of "The Purpose Driven Life". That put me off, but I still kept an open mind.

No I am one of those strange Christians who was not impressed with his book. While I found the main message in his book to be admirable, I did not like the fact that he used a paraphrased bible version that completely twisted the bible in order to get a totally different meaning of the biblical passages. You don't go and search different versions of the bible in order to get YOUR ideas across, you are supposed to go by what the writer of the bible actually said.....

anyway back on topic.

I see a problem with churches that are only out to make converts as well as the idea that the HS is only able to work if the message is a salvation message.

Quanity does not equal quality. IT is not all about numbers. The bible instructs us to "make disciples". To make disciples is to teach them how to live a Godly life. To give the tools in the bible so that they may grow and be able to make disciples.

Too many times I have seen churches and ministries who are so worried about getting numbers that they will do anything they can (sometimes including decietful practices and such) in order to make more converts. But then the new and baby Christians are pushed into the background so that it makes room for more converts. This is wrong and it does not line up with the Word.

I wonder how many of these converts stay converts? NOt long I am sure. The reasons are:

1. A person can and will only attend church so long listening to the same message before they get bored.

2. A Christian needs to have the keys to defeat temptations. If not they will only fall to the wayside when they are attacked.

3. New Christians are not stupid. They will figure out that they were only used and nobody really cared about them at all. It takes more than simply converting someone to care about that person.

4. This entire logic is relying on human wisdom and not the wisdom of God. What ever happened to prayer and spending time quietly with God and listening to what He wishes you to minister on? How can they expect the HS to work when they don't even listen to what God wants to teach to His congregation?? I am of the mind that if we are obedient to God and His will then He will make sure that the right message will be delivered at the right time. His timing and message, not what WE feel we should do.

In conclusion?? I am not impressed. Again Warren has fallen short of actual biblical teaching in order to push his mortal wisdom and again ignoring God's wisdom and God's wishes.
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