Wednesday, September 20, 2006

SRA, Deliverance Ministries and other Rants

1. SRA.
Does it exist?? I think so, but not anywhere near the amount that has been claimed. As I am currently discussing this in an interfaith forum with those I trust and respect, I will leave it at that for now.

I do however, have a problem who claim that truth is based on he said that she said......garbage. Since when are we not to question everything we have been told?

To say that it exist because "I read it in a book and since they claimed to be Christian it must be true" or "so and so claim that they saw or did such and such"

is as asinine to me as those who claim that something didn't happen because "We do not do that!"

But there is some truth to the fact that if they claim that they were in such and such occult but have 0 knowlege of the basic beliefs, then they must be lying.

I could tell you horror stories of abuse that was done by Christians. This from personal experience of abuse and cover ups with in the church.

Am I lying because the "church doesn't believe in that?" or does it come down to some people twisting scripture in order to control and manipulate others?

And wouldn't also be fair to ask me to prove that I know at least the basics of the bible in order to claim that I went through this for 20 years?? Not to meantion knowing the basic tenets of the denomination (or non as was my case?) that are in my claim??

We are not to go about blinded by what we are told, but rather by the Word and that which is revealed to us.

2. Deliverance.

Where to start??

a. I would like one of these posters to show me ONE that is it just ONE scripture in the NT where Jesus
or the Apostles or Paul had to do step one and then two and also know what spirits to bind?? And the one example where a spirit was named it didn't come from head knowlege from talking to other Christians it came from the HS talking to Peter's spirit.

What drives me crazy is people who believe that there is a formula or a certain way that deliverance must be done. This is not scriptural. Nor did discernment come from their intellect, but rather the HS telling Jesus or the others that they are possessed and them simply using the Name of Jesus to do so. Period!!

Adding to the bible is just as much a sin as those who wish to take away from it.

b. Deliver the spirit or soul??

Sorry, no such thing. Not biblical anyways. I believe and it is backed up in the bible that we are made up of 3 parts. The body (flesh), soul (the mind), and spirit.

DID is in the mind or soul, it however is NOT in the spirit. When we are born again our spirit changes. No deliverance there. Deliverance is for when the body is possessed by demons, there is an extra diety in there that does not belong. They are not able of becoming one with our spirit or mind, they can control the mind however but are not one with the soul. they do not nor can they become the soul or spirit.

Our souls or minds are to be renewed by the Word. You wish to change people's fear of certain things?? Use the Word, Meditate on the Word, and pray. This is how you get to know God personally and how you gain enough faith in order to know that you know that God is more powerful and His love casts out the fear. Fear is NOT a demon, but rather a fleshy emotion reaction by those who do not know God personally. I know because I have seen demons and have been very afraid in the past of those demons. I am no longer afraid because I know that Who is in me is greater than him (satan or his demons) that is in the world.

3. Healing

a. Healing the mind.... The bible talks about this especially in Philippians (sp?). We are given a list of things to keep our mind on so that we are not constantly dwelling on the evil in this world. It is also a tool for forgiveness and the best way to rid yourself of both fear and bitterness.

The HS will show us how to recover and forgive every evil act that has been done against us. I am living proof of that!!

b. Physical healing.

Does God do it?? Yes!! Is it God's will that we as Christians are sick? No I do not believe that anymore than I believe that God uses such things to punish us.

Since it is God's will that all His people are healed then is it possible for all Christians to be healed? I believe so. Is it probable?? NO!!

Just like delieverance things go way wrong when people try to use a formula and get into their heads that they are for some reason responsible for the healing.

God will use us, but only as HE wills it, is not us but rather God doing the work through us. I also believe that doctors and nurses are doing God's Word when they heal the body. ALL good things come from above, this includes the knowlege and wisdom that is used by the doctors and nurses that work on us.

4. Summary.

I am dumbfounded when I see so many people looking for outside sources on how to heal, how to know what "demon" is tormenting so and so, but have no idea what the bible actually says on such subjects.

There is such a lackadaisical approach to these things, as if they are playing with dolls. I am curious how some of these people would react if they ever came face to face with a real demon and they are forced to use scripture and not their formula to rid themselves of it. Be careful of what you ask for, there is a HUGE difference between knowing what to do in your head and finding out the hard way that if you do not know that you know that you know the demons will not leave and they will taunt you. (Again biblical) In Acts there is a story about a religious man who saw the Apostles cast out demons and thought that he could do it himself. Instead what happened is the demons jumped on him and tore him to pieces.

There is more to it than just knowing the Name of Jesus. You also must have 100% confidence and knowlege of Jesus and the Power of the Name, not just head knowlege.

One more thing before I shut up. Satan does not need to have a plant in church in order to cause chaos. There are plenty of "churchians" who are in church for other reasons that to learn about and get to know God to cause the chaos. Everybody seems to expect Satan to be so obvious and stupid. He is not you know?? All he needs to do is to whisper in the ear of so and so about so and so. The flesh of those who do NOT renew their minds or arm themselves with the Word are still so weak that all he needs to do is to use pride, greed, envy or any of the works of the flesh in order to cause discention in the church. (yes that is all that is needed, the Word in our hearts and not our heads) It is also more effective because such behavior draws people away from the church and is not so obvious.

Are you referring to Mult-Personalities Disorders here?

Yes!! DID as such as been spoken of here, is when the mind (soul) splits in order to deal with that which is too trumatic for the mind to handle.

I am aware that there are those who believe that DID is caused by demons and not the mind splitting. Honestly, I am not decided on the issue. I will also open my mind enough to believe that it could be either one depending on the situation or person.

If it is caused by demons with the example being the person who had legions of demons in him who talked to Jesus, they were all kicked out at the same time, not one personality at a time!! They were all kicked out at the same time.

My contention comes when people say that they have to deliever each and every personality separatly. That the person was not saved completly when they were born again because all the personalities did not do so. You only have one spirit and one salvation, not multiple.

If it is caused by the mind splitting, my point still stands that you do not deliever each personality because the demon(s) are still to be cast out in a group. Anything else is NOT supported by scripture.

When either Jesus or the Apostles in the bible casted out demons ALL the demons were cast out at the same time.

I wrote this to combat the idea that we need to learn the names of the demons and cast them out one by one and that this can only happen IF we know what demon we are talking about.

This idea is false and it is not supported by the bible.


Matthew 8:28-34
28 And when he was come to the other side into the country of the Gergesenes, there met him two possessed with devils, coming out of the tombs, exceeding fierce, so that no man might pass by that way.
29 And, behold, they cried out, saying, What have we to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God? art thou come hither to torment us before the time?
30 And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine feeding.
31 So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, suffer us to go away into the herd of swine.
32 And he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the herd of swine: and, behold, the whole herd of swine ran violently down a steep place into the sea, and perished in the waters.

It was GO!! Not all the hubabalue, just GO!!

And more on SRA:
Actually there is plenty of proof that this does in fact happen in some obsure african tribes. (whether or not "satan" himself is knowingly summoned or not).

Most ex occultist will admit that there is the VERY RARE occurance of this outside of these tribes. Also, I would like to note that when this does happen, it is done on the lunatic fringes.

In other words, just like we have so called Christians who use the bible to abuse children, there are those who go out to do what they "FEEL" or "believe" the occult is about.

For example:

Some one who has read either "satan seller" or any of the other such books out there, may go out and do the things that they read, simply because the believe that this is what the occult is all about.

This does not mean that it is a part of the occult, but rather someone's interpetation of the occult. In the same way most Christians will tell you that child abuse is not a part of Christianity, this is not a reality of what is taught by the occult. Both are rare and on the luntic fringe and have no place in the occult.