Monday, January 02, 2006

Shooting the Wounded

Shooting the wounded

I wrote this concerning a person that is hurting right now!! I felt like she was being kicked while she was down and it isn't right!! Would they do that to someone who was physically hurt? I do not think so!! They wouldn't pour sand into a wound, so why is this any different?The girl is hurting and is lashing out the only way that she can!! Grrrr....

[quote]Coming from someone who has been there and done that........ as many
here can attest to.... there are some things I would like to add: Actions done
in perceived hurt, bitterness, or depression; are not actions from the heart.

Whether or not the hurt was done intentionally is really irrelevant, it
still hurts.

When I flipped flopped, it was because of pain and when I was hurting
it seemed as if it was always one group that did the hurting. My head can and
would tell you that all humans are infallible, it isn't just one group or
another. But a person that is hurting isn't able to understand this. All they
see and feel and know is the pain, done once again by _____ (fill in the

SO all of the hurt is projected on that one group. (am I making
sense?) When the anger and hurt is all gone, then a rational decision can be
reached. Until then, a hurting person will continue to rail and scream (in my
case) against such group. It doesn't always happen to be religion.

A girl who is raped by a group of a different race will rail and hate
the race that hurt her. Until they are able to deal with the pain, they won't
have the capability to realize that not everybody of that race is responsible.
And before she is able to understand this, she expects and will take almost
everything, no matter how small, as an attack by said race. See what I am

She is hurting. She has been hurt before by christians. A topic that she is
very sensitive about, was attacked (again whether or not it was real is
irrevelvant, it was real to her), it just proved that "all christians" want to
hurt her. That all christians will hurt her, all the time.

I understand this and my heart goes out to her. I of all people understand
where she is coming from. I have been there, many times over.

I only say this because I ask that you show compassion and understanding.
Please pray for her and don't knock her while she is down. She needs that more
than judgements.[/quote]

This of course was met with "I thought what we had done was open the discussion out a bit rather than make any judgements or mockings. I thought we were looking at such issues in a general, rather than specific way. "

How can it not be "in a specific way?". The first post in the topic was "can I go back to paganism" and "once again I am hurt by christians".

V, I am sorry for any hurt that I caused you. Please believe me when I say that is was never my intent to hurt you. I am sorry.
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OK. This is my first attempt a blogging. Lets see what happens
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