Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ministry of Lies

I need to trust God that He will take care of me and let my fruit show.

This will bring Glory to God, besides, those who have stuck by me during this have shown me that the devil does in fact work in many different ways and uses many different people.

I will not allow myself to be used like that. If God is with me, who cares about the rest, right?

I can not nor will I ever be able to endorse certain ministries, because of the fruit that is shown by it's leaders. When a ministry is so based on hate of another one, it permeates everything in that ministry. Hate is not one of the Fruit of the Spirit.

This was my biggest fault. I knew and God had told me a long time ago to get out of a paticular ministry because of the person who opened the forum. I knew it and started to follow what God had told me to do, but the thought that I was letting someone down kept me from doing so.

My mistake, and another lesson I needed to learn. Obedience is greater than sacrifice. If I had obeyed God and what He was saying to me, then this never would have happened. Remember, God knows the future and He only has our best interest at heart.

See, even if we are born again, we will still pay the consequences for our disobedience. Even though we are forgiven does not mean that we walk free of our actions and behaviors. I love my son, but I also know that he will have to learn lessons in life, I can only direct him, his decisions and the consequences of his actions must still be there in order for him to learn that lesson. This does not mean that I do not love or forgive my son, he means the world to me.

Praise God for His wisdom and His Grace.