Monday, April 03, 2006


I recently saw that somebody decided to put price on what my blog was worth. Funny how that was never a consideration of mine.

Blessed am I when the World hates me because of the Word. I guess this would mean that if the world hates my blog and the Word within, then I must be doing something right.

Can you really put a price on the Word of God?? OR is it too precious to be put in monetary terms? I think that it is.

Is it really a comparasion when the other blog is unscriptural, full of idolatry, vain and empty words which the world loves, against the Word of God?? Nope, no comparasion to me.

God comes first, in this blog, in my forums, and in my life. The bible states that we shall go through trials and that men (women) will hate us because of Jesus. If the World loves us, then we are doing something wrong.

Hey, I got it right!! Praise God!!

(update 4/04/06)

It seems as if this post has done some good. :) Praise God. The person who owns the blog I was talking about has now decided that her blog is a good place for scripture. :) Nice to know that I was able to help.
posted by Star @ 3:48 PM